Naik Rishtay ki Dua

Do you love someone madly? Does your heart only think about him/her daily in morning or evening? Do you have well-intention, always want to include them in their life? Is your love getting failed? Due to some circumstances you are unable to do marry with whom you love? Is your parents prevent you from marrying partner of your choice? All these matters are extremely serious, if you work wisely then you can easily chase with your trouble. In Islam Naik rishtay ki dua is prevalent source to help you in finding an appropriate partner. You may contact us anytime or you are feel free to mail us your problem on our respective mail address.

Naik rishtay ki dua is a powerful procedure explained in Islam through which you can easily marry partner of your choice.

  • Read Surah AL Qasaas 111 times taken from Quran verse no 24 given below:

Naik rishtay ki dua: Rabbi Limaa Innani Illaayya anzaaltaa min Fakeer kahaireen.

Dua for naik rishta

There are lot of benefits in getting marriage earlier you will get good match at perfect times, all the burdens of marriage and worried not occurs to your parents. If you are a girl and your age of marriage passed away, than it is very difficult to find a good match or acche rishte thus it is a main problem of her parent worries. Since after a birth of girl child her parents make preparation of arranging dowry for their marriage. Because she is her main liability, and every parents have desire that soon he will marry her girl with a suitable boy. Dua for naik rishta is a pious approach if you are finding an accha or naik rista for your daughter or son. You will get surprising results after applying procedures of Dua for naik rishta, your daughter get finalized in first sight.

Naik rishtay ke liye wazfia

Dua procedure for naik rishta: If you have doubt can work then these dua are best naik rishta dua remove all your confusions.

  • Read “YAA WAHAABU” 1400 times with Darood after evening prayers upto seven times and make a blow of this dua on yourself, by grace of god you will be awarded prosperity and blessings
  • Recite “YAA MUGHNI” 1100 times and Surah Muzzammil 11 times after reading Fajar Salah eleven before or after.

Naik rishtay ke liye wazfia

However parents of boy/girls are getting worried if she is too young and reach to age of marriage, then their parents are facing lots of troubles if they are not getting appropriate proposals for their marriage. If you do this acche or Naik rishtay ke liye Wazifa as we mentioned below, then you will get relief from your troubles and get a good proposals. You have to read this acche or Naik rishtay ke liye Wazifa regularly, whether you may be girl or boy, you must read this Naik rishtay ke liye Wazifa and make a blow of Wazifa on you, success is in your fist.

Naik rishtay ke liye Wazifa: Wallakood Makaannakum Feil Arizzi Waizallana Allakum SInhaa Maahius Kaalilum maa taskaarun


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