Islamic Istikhara for Marriage

What is the meaning of Istikhara and how it can easily be performed? What are the benefits of using this method as well as how it can make our life much better than before? The simple meaning of Istikhara is to get permission and support from the almighty Allah. For instance, you are going to do marriage, make a new love relationship, starting a new business then at that time a question comes into the mind of every person whether it will be successful or not. So, to make all the tasks 100% successful most of the people perform Istikhara. This method involves prayer along with a special dua. Everybody can use this method to perform any of the tasks but the main usage of this method is for marriage. So, most of the people like to take the benefits of Islamic Istikhara for marriage to make marriage 101% successfully.

This method is basically used when a person has to be accepted one marriage proposal from several. When you confuse which proposal should be accepted then you can take the benefits of Istikhara. We make sure that it will not only help in marriage problem but can sort out various other problems as well. This method is carried out to request the almighty Allah to provide the full support regarding selecting the perfect life partner. We all know that Allah knows about our past and future. He has information what has already occurred and in future what will be happened. No matter which work you are going to start but Allah will always help you and will carry to you to the right path. Nobody can put you in the problems if Allah is with you.

When you have taken the decision to make Istikhara for Nikah then you have to perform Wudhu and Salaat. After that you have to pray to God to make all the moments of marriage life successful.

“O Allah, you have the control of each and every situation and I have no control. You know about past, present and future and I don’t know. So if you see this woman is perfect to make my life partner then grant me her control. If you know that another woman will be perfect match for me then please meet with her.”

Istikhara for marriage problems solutions has the power to sort out all the problems within a few minutes. After reciting the dua you can use this method for other tasks as well. It can be performed at anytime and at any place. This is the most useful method and everybody can easily perform it because it is the way to know what almighty Allah desires you to do. Allah always provides the full support to those people who trust on him. In each and every situation, he is forever with them.

If you surely like to make the all the most of your life more comfortable and secure than before then you must have to use Istikhara for all the important tasks. In addition to, this method will always provide the positive results.

Updated: June 15, 2018 — 5:14 am

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