How to Remove Kala Ilm or Jadu Tona

Are you that person whose life or whose family’s life, relatives life is not so good. Because of his or her, family or relative’s family is not living their life in a better and good way. You know my brothers and sisters, there’re lots of peoples in our society who has the knowledge of kala ilm. With the help of kala ilm, they don’t want to see someone is happy or he/she has lots of money. These peoples don’t think that one day we will go to the Almighty Allah SWT and in the grave.

Hence as a result of this, they just put the kala ilm in someone’s life and after that watch the movie. This is not just a movie my dear brothers and sisters. But it is just similar to that person or watching that person who is living their life like hell. It’s not a good thing for that person who does Kala ilm to the person who’s busy with his family. He/she just take care of his/ her family and want to leave his or her life in a happy way. But if someone did any type of kala ilam to you then you can easily remove that kala ilam. You can remove kala ilam with the help of the Dua, the wazifa, and from Taweez.

Kala jadu khatam karne ka tarika

There are various ways to remove kala jadu as I told you in the above of this article. After applying one of these days you will easily remove the colour alone from the soul of your life. It will help you as well as your family or your relatives family and is not a illegal way. Here I will tell you the dua for to remove the kala ilm and is the working Dua.

He is the dua for to remove the kala ilm:

“Aauzuu Bii Izzatii Allahii Waa Qudraatii

Allahii Waa Quwwaatii Allahii Waa Azamatii

Allahii Waa Burhaanii Allahii Waa Sultanii

Allahii Waa Kanafii Allahii Waa Jawaarii

Allahii Waa Amaanii Allahii Waa Hirrzii

Allahii Waa Sun Ee Allahii Waa Kibrii Yaa Ee

Allahii Wa Nazarii Allahii Waa Bahaaii

Allahii Waa Jalaalii Allahii Waa Kamaalii

Allahii Waa Jamalii Allahii Laa Iilahaa Illaa

Allahuu Muhammaduun Raasulullahii Miin

Sharrii Maa Aajiduu”

You have to recite this most powerful Dua to remove the kala ilm and first of all, you have to offer the 5 times Namaz. It will be better for you to wake up in the mid night and then perform or offer the Tahajjud Namaz. After that, In Sha Allah Allah will help you and remove the kala ilm from you.

How to remove jadu tona

There are various reasons why someone does kala jadu on yourself. Kalu Jadu is used by the jealous as well as malicious persons who take pleasure in the misfortune of others. These persons or peoples are easily cast by anyone knowing a little kala jadu or other low level magic. There are the various effects of Jaadu Tona or other black magic can be deep, farreaching, chronic.

This type of kala jadu also causing an unnatural states, poor health, mental instability and the negative thoughts. Kala jadu is also carried an uncharacteristic or abnormal behaviour in the body, heaviness or erratic heartbeat. Kala jadu has also carried the constriction of the throat, depression and also bad decision making etc. to the peoples. You also have to remove the Jadu tona with the help of the Dua and Wazifa.

Here is also the Wazifa to remove the jadu tona:

  • First of all, you have to take the bath and then do the Wudu according to the Sunnah.
  • If you know who does the jadu tona on you or on your family now simply you have to blow this on that person.
  • Here you have to recite this Dua for 100 times

“Waa Alqii Maa Fii Yamiisiikaa Talqaff

Maa Sanauu Innamaa Sanauu Kabduu

Suhii Waalaa Yuqliihuu Assaahiwu Habtuu

Att Faa Ullfiiyaa Assaharaatuu Sujjadan Qaaluu

Amanna Birabbii Haarunaa Waa Musaa”

  • Now you have to blow this on yourself or in your enemy’s.
  • Here you will also offer the 5 times Namaz.

It will be better for you to wake up in the mid night and then offer the Tahajjud Namaz. After that, In Sha Allah Allah will help you.

Updated: November 29, 2018 — 9:07 am

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