Know a Perfect Dua For Your Problem and Get 100% Working Duas for all Life Problem Solutions

In terminology of islam dua is an act of supplication. It is establishment of powerful communication with creator of universe, supreme power, lord. No word is adequate to define true meaning of dua but is a letter composed with three small words which is subjected to healing of all the pains. In fact dua is arrived from Arabic word meaning to summon or call out, by means of this procedure you can come closer to god though sometimes it also imply summoning devils or spirits. Dua is empowering, transforming, liberating and uplifting and it is most effective and influential act of worship of supreme power though a human engage with. It has been considered as powerful weapon of the devotee. It is principally a humble submission in front of lord thus a manifestation according to the necessity of person for Allah. It asserts a person belief in lord then it shuns in all forms of polytheism or idolatry. Dua incorporates hope, thanksgiving, praises and calling to Allah to aid the one in necessity by grant they accord their request. It is acceptable to ask well in this worldly life and thereafter while making dua, a person shouldn’t hold back but ask to lord to fulfill their all requests.

There are many reimbursements of dua making although it isn’t an obligation but it is submission and feelings a closeness to mighty Allah. Though by sincere efforts of dua making can increase faith, gives relief and hope to the distressed it can also save supplicants from isolation and despair. In quran you found dua is a strong medium to encourage devotee to call Allah and ask he can lay on him for their fear, uncertainties and dreams before him to become sure that he may listen their every chanting.

If after too long wandering you are unable to find out and effective Dua which can heal your all wounds efficiently. However, if you have problems related with career, wealth, boss, any relationship issue, love matters or people doesn’t regard or obey you else this is quick and successful way of to sort out your life problems. Than here by contacting our reputed dua specialist you might get 100% successful dua which can overcome all your worries and gives you all of luxurious life.

Dua is one of major elements in Islam can be undertaken to ordinary or extraordinary task in routinely. Thus it is similar to seeking blessing to Allah. Here we bring list of Dua for supplication, you can memorize them on daily basis and recite to do particular activities or to remove hurdles.

There are several Dua but here we give some list of

  1. Surah Taha
  2. Surah-Al-e-Imran
  3. Surah Al Ahqaaf
  4. Surah Tawbah
  5. Aaytul Kurshi
  6. Surah e Al Fath
  7. Surah Ambiya

Dua for Marriage Proposal

If you couldn’t get a good marriage proposal at right age of marriage than recite Surah Taha (chapter no 20) and blow breath in water and give that water to specific partner for drink.

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Dua for Getting a Child

This Dua is designed for those peoples who are begging a child and lost all their hope of getting a child. Recite phrases of Surah-Al-e-Imran verse 38.

Dua for Getting Child:  Rabbe Hab Le Mil Ladunkaa Zurriyatan Tayyebataan, Innaka Samee Ud Aaa

Translation of above child dua: Almighty grant me a good offspring

Dua for make Obedient Husband or Wife

Surah Al Ahqaaf verse no 15 of Quran is also recite as Dua for obediency. This dua is basically recite for disobedient person and to show them right path. Ther Below Dua should recite 7 times after prayer.


Dua to control husband

Dua is predominant solutions of any kind of problem you are confronting in your life. In our daily life we have to face several issues or might be some quarrel also happens with husband. But there are certain causes where there is cordially mismatch your thoughts or understanding with your husband and you found him getting lose his temper for small things and showing their resentful attitude which you haven’t seen earlier. Thus these temperament or anger becomes very problematic for your wedded relationship or upcoming life and you want to make control their aggressive behavior then use dua to control husband to control your husband temper.

Dua to improve love in husband wife

Wedding is a most beautiful relation for couples thus these are predicated in heaven by lord. It is one of strongest pillar that shapes identity, moral to a person and built a family cultural background. Though Islam equal status to wife and husband and both have to treat with each other with love, care and respect though the relationship would sustain. If one is going to be out of track there may be hurdles come in marital life so reasons whatever may be but if you wanted to improve your relationship with your husband or wife. Then immediately contact our Islamic astrologer and get a powerful dua to improve love in husband wife and maintain your relation. So you can taste a happy married life with your husband or wife.